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21st-Jun-2010 06:55 pm - No more waiting, it's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wickedblonde: www.diacon-alley.co.uk (DiaCon Alley)
As part of the DiaCon Alley team I'm proud to announce the official launch of our rather smashing conference.

There will be an art show, a screening of Deathly Hallows II and a Victory Ball to celebrate Harry's final victory over Voldemort.

Our theme, much like the theme of the books and movies, is of good rising up against evil in all it’s forms, which is why we have chosen to donate all profit made from the con to Amnesty International.

Take a look around, give our F.A.Q. a read, get to know the committee and check out our registration page. Early bird registration is open until July 21st, 2010, with a £5 discount if you book your accommodation at the same time. Pretty awesome, huh?

So tell your friends and stay tuned for further exciting updates on LJ, Facebook and Twitter.

Hope to see you there. :)
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